About Us

Synergy Fitness is a full service health club in Downtown Marquette that focuses on providing premium fitness services and an encouraging environment.

The 10,000 square foot facility is staffed during all hours of operation.  A premium is placed on cleanliness, safety, and a welcoming, comfortable atmosphere.

Synergy Fitness is your one-stop shop.  We focus on all aspects of health and wellbeing with personal training, nutrition, massage and physical therapy.


The goal of Synergy Fitness, LLC., is to proactively promote a higher level of fitness, health, and wellness for people of all ages. Our motto, ‘Stronger, Together’, applies not only to the collaborative, professional experience of our staff in guiding individuals and teams to their goals, but also recognizes the idea that the health and success of neighbors, friends, and teammates are paramount to the long-term benefit of the community as a whole. Synergy Fitness promises to utilize our staff and facilities to be the premier provider of Personal Training, Corporate Wellness, and Sports Performance services in the Upper Great Lakes region.  Our programs are based on sound scientific methods and medical research.