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I consistently put about 3-4 road miles a few times a week at a 10:30 – 10:40 min/mile pace. I’ve gotten away with not strength training or much stretching for most of my twenties. In fact, I prided myself on having good form and being a lifelong runner. However, while training for the Marquette Half Marathon last summer, I noticed it was harder for me to recover, I felt tweaks in my knees, and I had trouble maintaining my form in the last miles of my longer runs. I realized that I was taking a huge gamble with injury if I kept running the same way I always have. I want to stay active and be a runner for as long as I can, so I went looking for someone to help.

When I came to Synergy, I met Kari and she did a running assessment. I was surprised to learn what I thought was “good running form” was actually inefficient and could lead to injury. I couldn’t believe that I had been running for so long without having more of a working knowledge about how I was running.

Over the next few weeks, I learned more about the mechanics of running than I’ve ever known and how to strengthen muscles that would help me power through the last miles of a run or race. By working with Kari, I realized how actually using my core, working on lateral movement, and strengthening other muscles that runners forget to use is actually part of a well-rounded runner’s lifestyle.

Since joining Synergy, I’ve been able to take my average running pace down to a 9:15 – 9:30 min/mile pace comfortably. I’ve held planks longer, improved my deadlift form, and stretched more intentionally. Thanks to Kari and the Synergy team, I definitely feel like a stronger – and smarter – runner.

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