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Client Stories



“A year ago in June I had surgery on my neck and spine. Thankfully the surgery was a total success and for the first time in years I was free of pain. After six months of home recovery I was feeble, weak, and unable to stand straight or hold my head up. My future frightened me.

My first step to recovery was PT with Active at Synergy which was the best P I had ever experienced. With the encouragement from Kristin Andreae of Active I joined the gym at Synergy. Honestly it was the first time I stepped into a gym; I was petrified that I would make a fool of myself and not be able to do what I needed to do. My trainer, Amanda Thompson had me doing moves I had never done before or ever thought I could. I am learning confidence and an outlook I never have had before. I am improving with the knowledgeable guidance, encouragement, and boundless patience with me from Amanda. I’m thrilled with the hope of a better life. If I can be taught to be a different person—anyone can be taught to improve.

I believe there is a master plan, I not only had successful surgery, PT and now training three times a week, it’s like putting a puzzle together. It is up to me to continue this journey to a better me which would not be possible without Synergy’s dedication to me. Every time I walk into the gym I am warmly greeted; truly a feeling of kindness and love. Thank you Synergy!!!!”

Hanna and Melanie

Hanna and Melanie ran the Cellcom 1/2 marathon in Green Bay under 2 hours! Hanna took more then 15 minutes off her time from 2017.


Congratulations to one of our long-time clients for his latest achievement! He dropped 20 pounds off the scale, and more importantly, he lost 5 percent body-fat! Way to go Al!


Amy B.

I consistently put about 3-4 road miles a few times a week at a 10:30 – 10:40 min/mile pace. I’ve gotten away with not strength training or much stretching for most of my twenties. In fact, I prided myself on having good form and being a lifelong runner. However, while training for the Marquette Half Marathon last summer, I noticed it was harder for me to recover, I felt tweaks in my knees, and I had trouble maintaining my form in the last miles of my longer runs. I realized that I was taking a huge gamble with injury if I kept running the same way I always have. I want to stay active and be a runner for as long as I can, so I went looking for someone to help.

When I came to Synergy, I met Kari and she did a running assessment. I was surprised to learn what I thought was “good running form” was actually inefficient and could lead to injury. I couldn’t believe that I had been running for so long without having more of a working knowledge about how I was running.

Over the next few weeks, I learned more about the mechanics of running than I’ve ever known and how to strengthen muscles that would help me power through the last miles of a run or race. By working with Kari, I realized how actually using my core, working on lateral movement, and strengthening other muscles that runners forget to use is actually part of a well-rounded runner’s lifestyle.

Since joining Synergy, I’ve been able to take my average running pace down to a 9:15 – 9:30 min/mile pace comfortably. I’ve held planks longer, improved my deadlift form, and stretched more intentionally. Thanks to Kari and the Synergy team, I definitely feel like a stronger – and smarter – runner.

Emily P.

Emily broke the 800m, 1600m, and 3200m school records this season! She has stayed consistent with her training plans and taken advice from many mentors and coaches!

“I have been training at Synergy for the past three years and have seen a drastic improvement in my overall athletic performance. In one year my times have improved by minutes. Synergy has also help me to avoid many injuries that runners often face. Through Synergy I have learned a lot about how I can maximize my performance in and out of training, which includes proper nutrition as well as how to keep myself healthy while adding on more and more miles.”

Kids’ Club

Kari goes to Kids Club once a week for “The Healthy Kids Program”

The 3- and 4-year-olds have a great time learning fundemental movements on their way to the park! They also learn about the importance of water after they sweat, and where their phalanges and olecranon are!