Group Training

For only $99 you can get UNLIMITED group personal training! Our four-week programs will give you the motivation and help you need to achieve your fitness goals, all at a lower cost than an individual training session!

In a personal training group, you get more one-on-one attention than you would during a group exercise class. In addition to the motivation you’ll receive from the other members of your group, our highly certified personal trainers will be able to provide you with the individual attention you need to succeed.

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Group Training Descriptions

All Personal Training Group sessions are led by a Certified Personal Trainer.

ABC: Agility-Balance-Core: This training session will improve your ability to stop, start, and change direction quickly and smoothly. It will challenge and enhance your balance techniques and proprioception (your body’s awareness of its place in space). This program will utilize and strengthen your core muscles, the foundation of all physical movements. All three of these components combined may help reduce the incidences of falls, prevent injuries, increase ankle strength and stability, increase speed during running or other bipedal sports, and reduce low back pain.

Cardio Conditioning:  Mix it up in this high –intensity workout!  Using mainly body-weighted exercises, the trainer will have you accelerating across the room, performing box jumps, pushups, squat jumps, planks, and much, MUCH more!!!  (Low options are definitely available). This training is designed to have high-demanding cardio bouts followed by short rest periods. Challenge yourself!

Couch to 5K: Couch to 5k plans are one of the most widely used plans in the fitness industry. Our Couch to 5K group trainings are created to keep you accountable and keep your training fun! We will spend the first half hour doing an interval workout and analyzing your running gate. The second half hour will be strength training with an emphasis on correcting poor form and preventing injury. Attend other group trainings throughout the week to make you leaner, stronger and faster.

HIIT & Core: This circuit will live true to its name, incorporating High-Intensity Interval Training as well as functional core training. The focus of this circuit will be strength, cardio, plyometric and agility training designed to improve individual performance and functionality. This circuit will expand on the use of traditional exercise equipment by incorporating a variety of equipment such as tires, suspension straps, sand-bags, sledge-hammers, etc.! This exciting shift in training will keep your body guessing what’s next, optimizing your overall experience and benefit.

HIIT SPINHigh Intensity Interval Training… this spin workout will consist of going “all out” with a massive output of cardio work followed by timed rest periods.  This type of training will leave you burning calories for HOURS after the workout!!

Morning Shred: Strengthen your body from head to toe with this effective morning program!  Utilizing a variety of the gym’s equipment, as well as your own body weight, this training will challenge your strength, muscular endurance, and cardiovascular fitness. These strength and conditioning workouts can be adjusted to accommodate ANY level of fitness. The group’s trainer will emphasize technique to ensure safety, maximize results, and help you towards your fitness goal!

Noon Circuit: This circuit is advanced and fast paced.  Participants will utilize most pieces of equipment throughout the gym, including machines, free weights, bands, suspension straps, medicine balls, tires, and more! The focus of this group is continually changing, challenging your body week to week. Whether its momentum training, functional training, strength, power, endurance, or speed, you’ll be sure to leave feeling accomplished!  An emphasis is put on technique to ensure safety and maximize results.

Sculpt & Tone:  Learn to challenge your body safely and effectively! This hour of training will combine functional strength, core endurance, injury prevention, balance and mobility all in one workout! Utilizing a variety of equipment and floor space, the certified trainer will guide you through safe and effective exercises that are designed for any fitness level

Strong & Lean: Designed to develop strong, lean, efficient muscles from head to toe. With the guidance of the Synergy Fitness training staff, work in a group setting to reach your fitness goals.  This one-hour program will focus on all aspects of fitness, including cardiovascular training, strength training, power, agility, balance, and coordination.  The Strong & Lean program utilizes multiple trainers and exercises each week, keeping your body challenged and working hard!

Strong Man: Lead by a certified personal trainer, this training incorporates higher resistance levels designed to build muscle mass and strength. Strong Man workouts can be adjusted to accommodate any level of fitness. The trainer will emphasize technique to ensure safety and maximize results! This high-energy team atmosphere will motivate you to achieve new levels of fitness and strength!

Strong Zen: The Strong Zen program is a great low-impact workout designed for the body and mind. Gain strength, stability, and flexibility through a combination of Tai Chi, Yoga, and body weighted exercises. This program will guide you through poses and exercises designed to create slender muscles, improve balance, increase flexibility, and relax your mind in a tranquil, challenging way. Strength and flexibility are fundamental necessities for all movements.

S.W.E.A.T.: Strength, Waist, Endurance, ABD & ADD, Tactical. Each week a different style of training. This training will be a mash-up of metabolic and endurance training with an emphasis on building strength and burning calories. Just as promised, we’ll make you SWEAT!


Core strength and flexibility will be a component of each session.

Personal Training Groups need a minimum of five participants to run the program – max of 10.


Unlimited Group Training Policy

Training Groups must have a minimum of 5 participants to run the program. Groups may not have more than 10 participants.

You must commit to four weeks. We recommend that you commit to specific groups due to the limit of 10 participants. You are free to attend any group with openings, but you must let us know the day before to allow time for the trainer to plan for your attendance. If you are unable to make it to your group, please let us know to allow for others to attend that group.


You will automatically be signed up and billed for the same training groups for the next round of Group Training unless you notify the front desk of any changes prior to the beginning of a new round.