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Incorporating an Exercise Program

June 13, 2017 2:16 pm Published by

Activities of daily living, also known as physical activity, is defined as movement that involves contraction of your muscles. Any of the activities we do throughout the day that involves movement — housework, gardening, walking, climbing stairs — are examples of physical activity. Exercise is a specific form of physical activity — planned, purposeful physical activity performed with the intention of acquiring fitness or other health benefits.

Ideally, an exercise program should include elements designed to improve each of these components:
-Cardiorespiratory Endurance
-Muscular Strength
-Muscular Endurance

While it’s possible to address all of these fitness components with a physically active lifestyle, an exercise program can help you achieve even greater benefits.

Increasing the amount of physical activity in your everyday life is a good start — like parking a few blocks from your destination to get in some walking. But to really achieve fitness goals, you’ll want to incorporate structured, vigorous activities into your schedule to help you attain even more of your fitness and health goals [1].

Here are a few suggestions to become more physically active:
-Begin standing more and sitting less.
-Create a workstation that requires you to stand (and therefore move more).
-Think about creating opportunities to walk at lunchtime and before or after work.

-Consider adding leisure time activities to your weekly routines, especially those that involve the whole family, such as bike rides, hikes, and walks around the neighborhood.

-Include daily active chores that take 10 minutes or less.

-Try placing some simple equipment like a yoga mat or resistance ball or resistance bands in your living room so they are easily accessible while watching TV.

There are countless opportunities to increase daily physical activity, but you do have to look for them [2].


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