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“A year ago in June I had surgery on my neck and spine. Thankfully the surgery was a total success and for the first time in years I was free of pain. After six months of home recovery I was feeble, weak, and unable to stand straight or hold my head up. My future frightened me.

My first step to recovery was PT with Active at Synergy which was the best P I had ever experienced. With the encouragement from Kristin Andreae of Active I joined the gym at Synergy. Honestly it was the first time I stepped into a gym; I was petrified that I would make a fool of myself and not be able to do what I needed to do. My trainer, Amanda Thompson had me doing moves I had never done before or ever thought I could. I am learning confidence and an outlook I never have had before. I am improving with the knowledgeable guidance, encouragement, and boundless patience with me from Amanda. I’m thrilled with the hope of a better life. If I can be taught to be a different person—anyone can be taught to improve.

I believe there is a master plan, I not only had successful surgery, PT and now training three times a week, it’s like putting a puzzle together. It is up to me to continue this journey to a better me which would not be possible without Synergy’s dedication to me. Every time I walk into the gym I am warmly greeted; truly a feeling of kindness and love. Thank you Synergy!!!!”

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