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Personal Training


When you sign up for personal training at Synergy Fitness, you get more than just a personal trainer.

You get an entire team of health professionals with over 50 years of combined experience. Our personal trainers are all nationally certified exercise professionals.


  • 1 on 1 Personal Training: the number one way to achieve desired results. Your program will be specifically designed for you and your goals.
  • Specialized Training: Specialized Training services are deemed medically necessary by a Physician requiring specialized programming and specific documentation. These services may be covered by certain insurance plans.
  • Buddy Training (2-3 people): great for those who want to train with a few friends who want similar results. Programs will be designed to meet both of your needs.
  • Small Group (4-5)
  • Large Group (6-9)
  • Open Group Training: Four week programs designed to meet an individual’s needs in a group setting. Perfect for those looking to train with a personal trainer, when you’re on a budget. (see our current schedule of Personal Training Groups on our Home page).