Personal Training

When you sign up for personal training at Synergy Fitness, you get more than just a personal trainer.

You get an entire team of health professionals with over 50 years of combined experience. Our personal trainers are all nationally certified exercise professionals.

Training Options

1 on 1 Personal Training: the number one way to achieve desired results. Your program will be specifically designed for you and your goals.

Buddy Training (2-3 people): great for those who want to train with a few friends who want similar results. Programs will be designed to meet both of your needs. $35 per person.

Small Group (4-5): Small groups work well with co-workers who want to get in shape together. These programs focus on group goals. $25 per person

Large Group (6-9): ideal when you are looking for a way to train on a tight budget. Programs are based on collective goals of the group. $16.25 per person

Functional Movement Screen (FMS)

The FMS looks at movements to pinpoint weak links, and then correct them. As a result, the individual will experience greater movement efficiency, leading to improved quality of life and decreased injury potential. The FMS is one of many evaluation tools we use to tailor a program to meet your specific needs. We have the only Level Two FMS expert in the region.

Membership Has Its Privileges

  • More than 30 fitness classes per week
  • Use of two fully equipped exercise rooms
  • Use of our remodeled spinning cellar with cycling equipment and big screen cycling adventures
  • Clean, comfortable, locker rooms with towel service.
  • Comfortable lounge for relaxing and visiting, with TV, free fruit and coffee, and free wireless

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Brian Claus MS, AT, ATC, CSCS

Brian was born and raised in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. He received his Bachelor of Science degree in Health Education from Northern Michigan University. In 1997 he started the sports medicine program at Keewenaw Memorial Rehab and Fitness in Laurium Michigan. In the fall of 1997 he returned to Marquette to pursue a Master's degree in Exercise Science and work at Marquette General Hospital's Sports Rehab department where he spent 8 years developing their sports performance program. In 2005, Brian was then recruited by Bell Hospital to create their Sports Medicine program. In 2006 he became co owner of Marquette Orthopedic & Sports Therapy(MOST), where he ran the human performance component of the company which later became Advantedge Training. Currently he co-owns Synergy Fitness. He is licensed by the State of Michigan as an Athletic Trainer(AT) and is a board-certified Athletic Trainer (ATC) and a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) through the National Strength & Conditioning Association. Brian has 15 years of experience in sports medicine, performance enhancement and personal training. As a team player dedicated to both his work and his family, Brian has built a solid reputation as a leader in sports medicine, fitness, and performance training.

Jeri Mommaerts RN, BSN

Jeri is the new Director of Corporate Wellness for Synergy Fitness and is also a CXWORX instructor. Jeri was born and raised in the Copper Country and came to Marquette to attend Northern Michigan University where she received her Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing. She also earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Security Administration/Loss Prevention at the same university. Jeri's background includes working as a nurse in the hospital setting and a Senior Disability Management Consultant. Jeri was the Chairperson of the Wellness Center of the Michigan Safety Conference for five years.

In her personal time Jeri is the Race Director of the Ringside Fitness Marquette Marathon and is an avid athlete herself. She ran in the 2012 Boston Marathon and has competed in several international events including a triathlon in Nevis, a nordic ski race in Italy and is training for another nordic ski race in France in 2013. Jeri is the cross country running coach at Bothwell Middle School and a youth soccer coach. She also volunteers with the Noquemanon Ski Marathon and the Noquemanon Trail Network. Jeri lives in Marquette with her husband, Jon, and sons Tony and Andrew.

Laura Amenson BS, AT, ATC, FMS, SFMA

Laura is originally from Green Bay where she grew up playing hockey and soccer. In high school she was named one of the top 36 forwards in Wisconsin and the Wisconsin Hockey Hall of Fame. She moved to the Upper Peninsula to attend NMU where she played four years of hockey, was named first team all star for the CCWHA for two years, and led the nation in scoring in her sophomore year. During grad school at Bemidji State University she worked with Division 2 football, softball, and division 1 women's hockey. Laura coached the Advantedge U19 Girls Hockey team for 2 years. In 2011 they won a State Championship and made it to the quarterfinals at the Nationals in Anaheim, California. She will be completing her master's degree in Exercise Science in 2013. Laura is the area's first Functional Movement Systems (FMS) expert, Level 2 certified and is also certified in Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA). In her free time she enjoys biking, hiking, soccer, hockey, and skiing.

Kari Getschow BS, AT, ATC, NSCA-CPT

Kari Getschow graduated with her bachelor's of science degree in athletic training from Northern Michigan University. She is currently a certified athletic trainer and NSCA personal trainer. While she was an undergraduate student at Northern Michigan University she worked with the United States Olympic Education Center, NMU's D1 hockey team, and a variety of other athletic teams. Kari has a passion for long distance running, softball and outdoor adventures. She has competed in several road races ranging from 5ks- marathons. She enjoys slack lining, hiking, kayaking, and rock climbing with her husband, Grant. A major motivation in her life is to make exercise and healthy life styles fun for all ages, by keeping an open mind to a variety of exercises and activities.

Amanda Thompson BS, NSCA-CPT

Amanda Thompson was born and raised in Marquette Michigan. She became personal training certified through the National Strength and Conditioning Association in January 2011 and received her Bachelor of Science Degree in Athletic Training from NMU in December 2011. Amanda spent the majority of her undergraduate career working with the NMU football team as a student athletic trainer where she learned about a variety of injuries and illnesses first-hand. She has been a personal trainer and certified group fitness instructor for almost two years. She loves working with a variety of fitness levels. If she had to choose, Amanda said her favorite part of training would be helping people who have previously been injured regain their strength and confidence in an effort to better their lives. In high school, Amanda was a part of the track and gymnastics team. She also used to be involved in basketball, karate, and ballet. Her interests include hiking, being outdoors, traveling, watching/playing sports, and watching movies!!

Stephen Drog WITS-CPT

Hi everybody! My name is Stephen (Steve) Drog and I am a Personal Fitness Trainer here at Synergy Fitness, Certified through the World Instructor Training Schools (WITS), an organization that has spread throughout the United States as well as internationally. I have been personal training/ instructing group fitness since 2011 and love it! I am 25 years old, born and raised in Rockford, IL, and am currently pursuing my Bachelor's Degree in Athletic Training at Northern Michigan University, with hopes to eventually pursue medical school. I swam competitively for four years, in High school, as well as played football for two years. I enjoy playing all kinds of sports as well as snowboarding, cross-country skiing, hiking and water-sports. For years, I have struggled with my own weight as well as proper nutrition, but through the dedication and focus to staying active, eating healthy, and ultimately working hard, I have been able to lose a grand total of 65lbs and keep it off for two years. I know firsthand that it CAN be done. Some of my toughest times and hard work leave me feeling both stronger and happier, emotions I am able to share with my clients. When it comes to my clients, I give my all to motivating them as well as understanding their needs and desires. I work hard to establish achievable/ successful goals, whether it involves strict weight loss, strength/power gains, injury rehabilitation or a combination of all three. See you around the Gym!!

Tom Stone WITS-CPT

Hello everyone! My name is Tom Stone. I have been active and played sports my whole life. The main sport I focused on was hockey, which gave me the opportunity to live in different parts of the country and play the sport I love. I came to Marquette to attend Northern Michigan University and play hockey for a great school and was able to live in an amazing city. At NMU I pursued a degree in Physical Education. After I graduated I left Marquette and lived and worked in my home town Los Angeles as well as Denver as a personal trainer. The whole time missing and looking for the feeling and lifestyle that Marquette offered me. With my wife we finally made the decision to move back to Marquette where we plan on creating a life for ourselves. I also enjoy the outdoors, mountain biking, and many water sports. I spend a little too much time in front of the TV watching football games, Law and Order and the food network. I love great food and enjoy trying new recipes in the kitchen. I am passionate about what I do and feel lucky that working as a fitness professional allows me to help other reach their goals, break thru plateaus and live a healthier life that is filled with energy. I want you to feel the difference in your life when you participate in a structured fitness program led by fitness professional. Accountability is a key component in reaching your individualized goals. I will deliver high intensity workouts that will push you towards your goals and your limits! To get the desired results you are looking for there is no quick trick method or magic pills. Program + Nutrition + Hard Work = RESULTS. I am a driver, a motivator, a support system and a friend to rely on. Always remember fitness can be fun, and that is what I will deliver with RESULTS!

Drew Hanson BS, NSCA-CPT

Drew is a graduate of NMU, receiving his bachelor's in Health and Fitness Management. Although originally from Chicago, he has now spent over half of his life in the Upper Peninsula, enjoying the outdoors and quieter aspects of U.P. living. He chose to attend Northern primarily to play football with his older brother, but has taken advantage of an active lifestyle outside of organized sports as well. Mountaineering, rock climbing, mountain biking, Muay Thai, kayaking, and camping are some of his favorite activities but if it's active in general, he's probably interested. Some of his outdoor accomplishments are: summited Mount Kilimanjaro of Tanzania, summited Mount Rainier of Washington, multiple treks through Minnesota's Boundary Waters, kayaking expeditions throughout the Apostle Islands of Lake Superior, and backpacking through the Rocky Mountains in New Mexico. Drew is an NSCA certified personal trainer, USA weightlifting level 1 performance coach, and has recently begun a program to develop his abilities in stretching and flexibility. It is his belief that a lifestyle change is necessary for any personal growth; the size and specifics of those changes are highly dependent on the results a person is looking for, and he works hard to ensure that his training style is unique for each client in order to meet those needs. Whether you are looking to be better at daily life, increase your performance within a sport, increase flexibility, reduce the risk of injury, or to improve your general levels of fitness, there's a program for you!